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Material: This classic wedding band is made from solid 14-karat yellow gold. Pure gold is 24-karat but it is so soft it's rarely used in jewelry. You may be wondering why we didn't choose the 18-karat band as our favorite. Although an 18-karat gold band may be more luxurious, 14-karat is stronger. Making the 14-karat band more practical for all of you rugged men who are rough on your hands. 

Design: The design of this band is very traditional. But, just because it's simple doesn't mean it's not sleek. It features a flat polished finish and two bright grooves along both sides of the ring. The band pictured is a thinner 4mm wide, but it also comes in 6 or 8mm. 

Price: This gold band comes with a slightly high price tag. But for something that you will be wearing daily for years, you deserve to splurge a little. Plus, gold is always valuable.

Updated: 9 months ago