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Material: The Jaeger Camo wedding band is made from extremely durable zirconium. And by extremely durable we mean, it's shatterproof. But not worry, it can be cut off the finger in case of an emergency. If you've heard of zirconium but aren't quite sure how it measures up to other metals, we've done a little research for you. Zirconium is a greyish-white metal that is very, very similar to titanium. However, this band is jet black in color. Zirconium is lighter than steel and its hardness is similar to copper. Also, there are no traces of nickel, so you won't be left with any green marks on your finger. The camo portion is made of aluminum and can be scratched, so some precaution is needed. 

Design: Lets face it, this is a pretty awesome wedding band. Especially if you are a guy that loves the outdoors. The design of this band has a raised camo center and polished edges. It's total size is 9mm and the camo portion is 5mm. The authentic Real Tree camo design is exceptionally masculine and one of a kind. And, it can be custom-made with text, fingerprint, or handwriting. 

Price: For such a unique band that will make you stand out from the guys, this price is a steal. 

Updated: 9 months ago