Derman Antifungal Cream 6-Pack

Most Easily Available Athlete's Foot Cure

Why people love it

• Cheap and available in every pharmacy and supermarket

• Effective; undecylenic acid stops the fungal growth in its tracks

• Strong formula, useful for many infections, efficient penetration

Inexpensive, available everywhere, effective, reliable, softens callouses, absorbed into the skin quickly, gets rid of infections on the microbial level, combats serious infections efficiently, and prevents the spread of infection.

Leaves a greasy film on your skin, and regular application is required.


Details: This cream is one you'll find in EVERY supermarket, grocery store, pharmacy, and even in many convenience stores. It's one of the most widely available brands—for good reason, thanks to its efficiency. It's designed to completely clear up your athlete's foot over the course of four weeks.

The cream contains undecylenic acid, a fatty acid that counteracts the fungal infection on a microbial level. The fatty acid disrupts the fungal cells, killing them off and preventing their spread. It also hinders the production of the enzyme that allows the fungi to reproduce and worsen the infection.

The product is medicated with a glycerin base (which can interact negatively with some users' skin), and it's highly effective when applied at least twice a day. It can be used while wearing shoes and socks, though some people find the greasy texture a bit annoying. However, there's no strong smell, so it won't bother you as you apply it. The cream will protect your hands and prevent the fungal infection from spreading to your toes and fingernails.

Price: At $18 for a 6-pack, this is one of the most cost-effective options on the list. It's pricier than our top-rated pick and not quite as effective, but it's a medicated cream that gets the job done every time.

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