Denman 9-Row Cushioned Nylon Brush

Best Men’s Hair Brush for Curly Hair

Why people love it
  • Does an amazing job with curly hair
  • Detangles like a dream
  • High quality at a great price
  • A few users find that it tugs at their hair
  • It is a smaller brush and not built for men with larger hands

Besides being incredibly affordable, this brush is very sturdy and gets the job done.

The funny thing about this brush is that it shouldn’t actually be good for curls; the style is more suited for straight hair - maybe waves at a push.

But after reading the reviews of users with curly hair (of all types and lengths), we’re absolutely sold on this as a brush for guys with curly hair. That said, if your hair is really thin, you may want to try a thin boar bristle brush instead.

And, you’ll be surprised at the detangling ability of this brush, it’s very solid on this front and yet it’s remarkably gentle.

We also like the anti-static pad, though we would change the handle length if we could.

But, you can definitely use it to brush wet hair and it’s easy as pie to clean.

Add to that the price of this brush and you’ve got yourself a solid deal that you don’t want to pass on.

Brush type: Rectangular, with a classic Denman shape

Handle: The handle is sturdy, albeit plasticized, but it is on the short side. Now, when the head of the brush is this good, it’s something you’ll overlook.

Still if you have rather large hands, this might be a problem for you.

Bristles: There are 9 rows of stiff but smooth nylon pins that do an awesome job of detangling. They are long enough to get through thicker hair.

And, there 5 and 7-row brushes available.

Price: While the MSRP is closer to $15, you’ll often find it on Amazon for just over $11, which makes it one of the most cost effective brushes on this list.

It does come with Prime shipping, but it is non-returnable.

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