Deluxe Rock Painting Kit

Best Gift for a Teen Girl Who Loves Arts and Crafts

Why people love it
  • Includes rocks (many sets don’t)
  • Smooth, easy-to-paint rocks
  • Can be done alone or with friends

A couple customers complain that the paints spilled during shipping. If that happens, let the seller and/or Amazon know (there’s a money-back guarantee) so you can get a replacement product.


You may have noticed lots of pics of painted rocks on social media. It’s a trend that inspires creativity as well as kindness, and this deluxe kit makes it easy to jump on the rock-painting bandwagon.

The kit contains 6 to 8 rocks, plus colorful paint, sparkly glitter, googly eyes, and several tools. After your teen paints a rock, she can give it to a loved one or hide it in a park to brighten a stranger’s day. It’s truly the gift that keeps giving!

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