Deluxe 15 in 1 Tabletop Board Game Set

Best Christmas Gift for Friends Who Love Board Games

Why people love it
  • The complete game board collection your friend needs!
  • Affordable, durable, and good-looking
  • Comes with its own built-in storage and organizational compartments

Pieces are very small and simple.


Meaningfulness: For a friend who loves board games, this is the gift they are guaranteed to love. It comes with 15 different games: Checkers, Chess, Chinese Checkers, Parcheesi, TicTacToe, Solitaire, Snakes and Ladders, Mancala, Backgammon, Poker Dice, Playing Cards, Go Fish, Old Maid, and Dominos. Built of beautifully finished wood, it comes with two slide-out drawers and reversible tabletops that provide all the boards for the games. The drawers provide organizational space for all the pieces, and there's everything your friend needs to play all their favorite games.

Originality: Instead of gifting them just one game, give them all 15 in the same set. Talk about original and awesome!

Price: At just under $30, this is a very well-priced game set. The pieces are simple and small, and it's certainly not the highest-end chessboard. However, for a 15-in-1 collection, it's well worth the price and as good as it gets.

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