Delonghi Perfecto Indoor Grill

Best Indoor Grill for Feeding a Crowd

Why people love it
  • Large cooking surface to feed the whole family
  • Great for apartment and condo living
  • Cooks foods quickly and evenly

The non-stick coating on this indoor electric grill does wear down after time. That means this baby has a limited lifespan, but at least you’re not paying through your teeth for it.


The large surface of this gadget is for grilling only. This isn't one of those transformer models, but it does the job of grilling really well.

The indoor grills that double as griddles and sandwich makers are perfect for some. But, if you have a compulsion to grill, you really do need to look at a straight-up indoor grill model. This could be the one. Not only is it large enough to grill for a family of 5 or 6, it's also super easy to clean. And then there's the handy lid. This will help to ensure food stays moist and juicy, especially when the grill is used just as a warming tray. 

Cooking method: As you would expect, this is one of those indoor electric grills that sits on a countertop fairly close to an outlet. Keep in mind this is one of the larger countertop grills, so make sure you have the room to accomodate it.

Best for cooking: You get a drip tray with this appliance, so you know it’s good for meats. But, it doesn’t do a bad job with veggies either. The embedded heating element means the grill distributes heat evenly. That’s great if you’re cooking the same foods across this grill. The lack of hotter and colder sides, however, means you’ll need to pay attention if you’re cooking veggies as well as thick steaks.

Temperature control? You get an adjustable (and removable) thermostat along with a dial of heat settings (from one to five). It’s not the most advanced temp control system, but you do get that evenly cooked food.

Dishwasher safe? Nope. It’s got a non-stick coating. You’ll need to wipe the drip tray and the grill plates clean. Same goes for the body of the appliance. At that point, you may as well hand wash the glass lid too. Sorry.

Will it break the bank? For less than $55, you can have an indoor electric grill that feeds a crowd of people. Now, the grill plate is non-stick coated, so you will need to work a little harder to protect your investment, but what appliance lasts forever (especially at this price point)?

What Reviewers Say: Most people love this Delonghi indoor grill. Here's what they have to say about it:

  • I got this grill about a week ago and I love it. First of all the cooking area is BIG... and wonderful so that you can really cook. I also love how you can adjust the heat setting depending on what you are cooking instead of like my former George where one temp cooked all (which burnt the outside of thick pieces of meat and chicken breast and left the inside way underdone). I also love how the fat drips down immediatly into the tray. On my George (a big one) the fat would come sort of off one burger and then run into the other burger and stay there without ever going into the tray. Clean up is alot easier than with my George because I can stick all of it except the temp control into the sink or dishwasher to wash. I also like the lid that keeps the food from drying out while cooking and warm before it is served. I will admit it is not as fast as my George, but honestly the quality of food I cook is so much better since it has been cooked right and not just fast. This grill IMO is much more similar to cooking on an outside grill and the taste is better for it. I highly reccomed this product over it's competition, there is no comparrison! Move over George, YOU GO GRILL!
  • Used it for the first time last night and could not be more thrilled!! Marinated some chicken breasts in pineapple teriyaki overnight and just threw them on. They were absolutely delicious and everyone raved about them! Beautiful grill marks and carmelization of the marinade.
  • This is my first indoor grill so when one review mentioned the "George Foreman" grill was a bit faster, I was amazed. I thought the Delonghi cooked pretty fast!! Clean up was really easy and one MUST remember to preheat it. I gather some have not figured that out. And as to smoking, I haven't had any but then I buy lean meats and put water in the bottom if I think the food will drip a lot of fat. Fat dripping into the large tray in the bottom is what burns and causes the smoke. I've only used water once, with the hamburgers (no smoking). This really is a great grill and large enough to be more than satisfying (actual cooking space is 15"x11"). Ease and comfort of use is amazing. I highly recommend it!

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