Why people love it
  • Incredible machine
  • You will fall in love as soon as you unwrap it (and stay there)
  • Easy to clean and easy to use

This stainless steel appliance is surprisingly compact and comes at a remarkably compact price too. It works best with medium roast beans and features programmable settings beyond its price range.

If you’re an espresso lover, this isn’t for you. It’s not strong enough for a short, sharp cuppa.


There are clear reasons to fall in love with this traditionally-styled stainless steel coffee maker. You’ve got the options of grinding the beans to your liking, as well as the amount of water you want in your cup (long or short). You can also move between weak and strong brews.

More than that, it’s compact and energy efficient and once you’ve set your preferences, you really only need to push a button to get what you want (unless you need to add milk to your cup). And, it does all of this at a low price point. Sadly, however, it’s not the best at espressos, but you can expect a damn fine cup of coffee otherwise.

Bean reservoir and grinding: You can store up to 7 ounces of whole beans in the container. The grinder allows for fine tuning so you can get the brew you really want. Grinding happens automatically (according to your settings) when you select a cup of coffee.

Water reservoir size: The removable water tank holds as much as 60 ounces. That’s not exactly huge, but neither is this machine.

Milk and frothing options: There’s a steam arm that rotates up to 180º so you can use it with nearly any milk container you want. But, it’s just an arm; it’s not a reservoir that hold milk or uses it in specific brews. That’s all manual and up to you.  

Cup warmers and water spouts: There is a cup warmer with space for 3 cups which is decent considering how many cups you’re likely to work with at a time. Also, the main spout is adjustable so you can work with slightly larger cappuccino cups. The hot water spout makes it easy to make tea or hot chocolate without getting a kettle going.

Energy use: This DeLonghi super automatic coffee maker is rather good with the energy consumption. It operates at 1150 watts. Of course, it doesn’t seem big enough to use more, but you never can tell, can you?

Maintenance requirements: Sadly, none of this espresso maker’s parts are dishwasher safe. But, the drip tray is easily removable and there are rinse and decalcification programs to help you with the maintenance. You’ll need to do that seasonally to keep this appliance operating at its best. Should you ever need it, you can find replacement parts for this machine.

Bottom line: For the price of this super-automatic coffee maker, you get plenty of options. True, it’s neither as powerful or as feature-rich as some of its competitors, but it does what it does remarkably well. We think it’s a hands-down winner, especially if you want the benefits of a super automatic without taking up too much space or money.

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