With 48-hour, anti-wetness protection and an instant-dry application, how can you not give this CHEAP deodorant a try?

  • Mild deodorant effect
  • Easy to apply; won't ruin clothing
  • Ideal if you want to wear cologne

This bad boy blocks odors and moisture, giving your underarms protection against B.O. for up to 48 hours. Not a bad product, considering the under-$5 price tag!

What Reviewers Say:

  • The smell is very pleasant but it fades away too quickly. This is great if you want to wear cologne and don't want your antiperspirant to interfere with the scent.
  • The can has a twist lock instead of a cap. This makes it perfect for travel since it wont accidentally get sprayed while in your suitcase.
  • I’ve been using Degree solid for years and years. Though I’ve used different spray brands in the past, I never really liked them too much because they would often stain my clothing. So far that hasn’t been the case with Degree spray. It goes on dry. . . . and keeps me dry. The fragrance is fine. A little “bold” but not overpowering. I don’t smell it throughout the day.

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