Death Wish Ground Coffee, The World's Strongest Coffee

Best Valentine's Gift for Coffee Lovers

Why people love it
  • Unbeatable flavor - bold yet smooth
  • Dark and delicious
  • Not bitter or overpowering despite how strong it is

Strongest coffee in the world, fair trade, USDA-certified organic, and delicious.

Definitely expensive compared to other brands.


Details: What could be a better Valentine's gift for him than the perfect coffee—especially if that coffee is the world's strongest? Death Wish Coffee has a higher natural caffeine content than any other brand, and a rich, bold flavor to match. As a bonus, it's USDA-certified organic and a fair trade product. Any coffee lover is sure to love this stuff. 

Price: At $27 for 1 pound of coffee, this is definitely on the pricier side. That's why it makes a great gift though, right? You'll pay a higher price, but he'll end up using less coffee ground per cup due to how much caffeine is in it. Plus, he'll have more energy throughout the day to do more of the things you love. Death Wish offers a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason. No questions asked. 

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