DEATH WISH COFFEE -- World's Strongest Coffee

Best Christmas Gift for Coffee Drinkers

Why people love it
  • Amazingly rich, bold flavor; tastes amazing
  • The perfect coffee for caffeine addicts
  • Not too bitter or overpowering despite the potency



Features: What could be a better gift for him than the perfect cup of coffee—especially if that coffee has double the potency and three times the flavor?

Death Wish Coffee has the highest natural caffeine content in the world, and a rich, dark flavor to match. The bold tastes of this coffee are a match for any gourmet bean. It's USDA-certified organic and a fair trade product. Further, it brews a delicious cup of coffee that will appeal to any gourmand or casual coffee drinker.

Warning: Prepare for a serious KICK!

Price: At $19 for 1 pound of coffee, this is slightly on the pricier side. That's why it makes a great gift though, right? You'll pay a higher price, but he'll end up using less coffee ground per cup due to the extra potency. Plus, it earns him bragging rights with his buddies!

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