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  • Typically fits true to size
  • Includes sexy accessories
  • Plus-size options available

Fun, flirty take on classic Batgirl attire. Officially licensed costume perfect for group themes - you can convince your significant other to dress as Batman or celebrate Halloween with several superhero buddies.

Several reviewers complain the costume is cheaply made, but that’s a common complaint about Halloween costumes in general. They usually aren’t designed for long-term wear.


Fabric/Design: Lightweight polyester creates a silky-smooth backdrop for the felt and vinyl accessories that come with this Batgirl costume. Spiked armbands make you feel like a fierce femme, while a comfortable eye mask conceals your true identity. This sexy Halloween costume also comes with boot tops and a yellow vinyl belt.

We love that the bold yellow bat emblazoned across the chest of the dress makes it easy to identify this costume. Slide your boot tops over some stilettos and let the party know that Batgirl has arrived.

Fit:  Tight, but not suffocatingly tight. This is the kind of costume you can wear while you go trick-or-treating with the kids. We’ve even heard reports of people wearing it at office parties.

This asymmetrical Batgirl dress reveals peeks of your toned thighs, but the 3 Bs (breasts, butt, and belly, for those of you who didn't grow up with strict parents) are covered.

Maintenance: This costume requires hand washing, which makes sense since we can’t imagine tossing spiked armbands in the washer.

Price: $30 to $40 depending on your size. Sizes range from x-small to plus-size.

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