David Yurman Band Ring with Diamonds in Platinum

Best Diamond and Designer Men's Wedding Band

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Why people love it
  • Wide setting of 10mm
  • Platinum with just the right amount of bling 
  • Classy and sexy

Platinum is a softer and more dense metal. Therefore, it is heavier and scratches easier than others such as gold. 


Material: Platinum is a great metal for a wedding band. Not only is it known for it's eye-catching shine, but it's also tarnish resistant. As a bonus, the naturally white color will never fade. And, it's hypoallergenic so it's safe for anyone to wear. 

Design: This David Yurman band is about as sexy as it gets. The design includes a very wide (10mm to be exact) polished, platinum finish, with two grooves along the edges and complete with an impressive pave setting of diamonds. Engraved inside the band is "D.YURMAN" so you'll never forget just how classy you are. 

Price: Since platinum is a denser metal, there is more of it needed. Platinum bands are typically 95% pure platinum therefore, they are more expensive. Not to mention there is 0.73 carat of diamonds in this band. Though weddings are expensive, and marriages are expensive. Why not get yourself an expensive ring, too?

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