David Archy Men's Micro Modal Separate Pouches Trunks Underwear

Best Men's Underwear for Keeping Everything Cool

Why people love it
  • Separate pouch to keep everything separated, dry, and comfy all day long
  • Soft and smooth micro modal fabric
  • Great for the hot weather months or other heat-generating activities

For men that want to stay dry and comfortable all day long, these trunks from David Archy require your attention. Built using separate pouches and breathable micro modal fabric, you'll never have to worry about sweating, chafing, or jock itch again. 

Although the extra comfort you get from the separate pouch is fantastic, you need to also consider what the cheap price tag means for this underwear. Customer gripes include cheap-feeling fabric, the hole and pouch being too small and constrictive, as well as issues with the legs riding up (which is by far the most common complaint). 



Fabric: Made with a mix of micro modal and spandex, this underwear was created to give men an overall comfortable experience down there regardless of what's going on all around them (like a long hike, a stress-inducing meeting, etc.)

Support: While the separate pouch does promise to keep all your goodies apart, some customers don't feel as though the support aspect is there--especially if they're packing some larger heat. Some customers have also complained about how pronounced the pouch makes their bulge look when wearing pants, as it doesn't hold them in like other underwear do. 

Comfort: Comfort is a bit of a subjective matter, but I don't know if there are many people who would call that into question with these trunks. Aside from some riding up of the legs at the bottom, everyone else seems to agree that the super soft fabric, the fresher feeling created by the separate pouch, and the breathability of the micro modal all contribute to a fantastically comfort experience. 

Price: This underwear comes in a multi-pack from Amazon, which makes the cost of each pair a bit of a steal (especially if you can catch them on sale). 

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