It's so hot it's spooky! Made from the famous ghost pepper chile.

  • Extreme heat
  • Includes extract
  • Use Done drop at a time



This hot is distinct for the fruity flavor that sits over the top of the sauce's heat. Use one drop at a time and feel the burn!

What Reviewers Say:

  • I had some of this today from a co-worker. It was excellent! I get a laugh at the reviews saying only one drop or that one drop was too much. I mixed about 8-10 drops in with 8oz of shredded chicken and a 1/2 cup rice. It had a great flavor and the spice wasn't over powering. Seemed to have just the right amount of kick in it. By the time you finish eating, your nose is running just enough to need to blow it and your mouth feels like it's glowing. The only issue I had with it was about 7 hours later my stomach was a little upset. After an hour or two I was much better and ready for more.
  • Son can't live without Dave's Gourmet Naga Jholokia (Ghost Pepper) Hot sauce. I tried finding it the regular grocery store in our area and after the third store I finally came back home and got online to Amazon. Nice, Amazon offers everything plus the last grocery store I bought Dave's was a little higher. So I am happy and my son is not complaining any more. Thank you Amazon for offering such wonderful products.
  • This stuff is not to be fooled around with. There should be a warning label on this stuff. This is serious business right here!!

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