How to Date an Instagram Model

How to Date an Instagram Model

Instagram models seem to have it all including near perfect physical traits, extreme popularity, and a seemingly flawless lifestyle.

We idolize them as semi-celebrities and with every new post feel more of a personal connection to them.

It’s all too easy to infer that Instagram models are just those blessed with goddess-like features who know how to work a camera lens, but these individuals are much more than that.

They may be attractive, but they’re also branding experts that have a distinct vision in how they approach life in both a business and personal sense.

Sure, you can interact by liking, sharing, and commenting on posts, and if you’re bold enough, DMing them, but we really don’t know the real inside scoop on our favorite Instagram models unless we engage with them one on one - which is exactly what our team did.

In the past few month’s we have been researching the top Instagram model accounts and hand-picked a small, special group of models to discuss topics of attraction and dating.

So check out some of the hottest girls on Instagram and learn how they approach dating and intimate relationships, each in their own unique way.

Q: What non-physical traits matter most in a guy? Which traits turn you on the most?

Sabina Kelley: “The trait that turns me on the most is loyalty. Especially nowadays where anyone and everyone is so accessible to contact on social media, for a man to be loyal to his woman and love and want her and only her is very rare. So, finding a man like that is a definite keeper and is such a turn on.”


Ana Coltrane: “What turns me on is a confident guy, he needs to figure out what he wants, actually get what he wants and conquer the world.”

Beatrice Bouchard: “...A sense of humor. If you can’t make me laugh it just won’t work. I love a guy who has the same kind of humor as me though... lots of light sarcasm. Witty jokes... Those definitely turn me on the most.”

Claire Guentz: “Sense of humor and assertiveness. A guy has to be able to make me laugh and also has to be able to laugh at himself. Also, assertiveness is super important. I need to be with someone who is confident to speak their mind when necessary and appropriate. “

Lina Dinh: “A happy person is very attractive...It brightens my day to surround myself with a positive man. A good sense of humor, if he can make me laugh then that’s half the battle. I love to laugh. Ambition is very key, he must have plans for his own life and not live life day by day without direction or goals to achieve. Intelligence is super sexy, I love a well-educated and wise man of all trades. I’m a lifetime learner and we need to be able to bounce ideas and knowledge off each other...

Attentiveness comes from compassion and a sense of selflessness. I love when he is attentive to certain things I would never expect, it shows he cares a lot for me and being concerned for me. Confidence is important to dating an Instagram Influencer (or model)...  He should not feel jealous but feel proud and happy to stand by her side.”

What Our Instagram Models Loved

1) Sense of Humor

Yes, it sounds cliche but it’s true! Laughter forms bonds that can generally help any type of relationship, friendship or otherwise.

You don’t have to be a standup comic or pull off some magic tricks with fire but laughing together is vital

2) Trust

This comes out in many answers through words such as loyalty and confidence. As is to be assumed with anyone in the limelight their partner needs to be able to stand by her side and let her glow without harboring feelings of underlying jealousy

Any feelings of jealousy can all too easily turn into less-than-loyal actions, such as going outside of the relationship, without prior consent, to get attention or pump up one’s sense of self-worth. 

Q: What physical traits do you like the most?

Sabina Kelley: “Sexy smile, gorgeous eyes, and a nice ass.”

Ana Coltrane: “Smile, nice booty … (and) yeah they need to have a cute nose.”

Beatrice Bouchard: “Big strong shoulders. Mesmerizing eyes. Abs don’t hurt. I love a nice head of hair also (and) I tend to go for pretty boys.”

Claire Guentz: “Height and a good beard!”

Lina Dinh: “I am really attracted to a guy’s smile, it shows their personality and charm. It makes me smile and reluctant to stay upset with him when he’s constantly smiling at you. Another physical trait I am very attracted to is eyes. I am very drawn to them; a pair that captivates your soul and heart.”

What Our Instagram Models Loved

1) Eyes

Since these are so-called ‘born-with’ features one can’t really control there’s not much you can do to improve how attractive your eyes are but one thing is clear: If you do have a dazzling pair of eyes - what some consider the pathway to the soul - show them off for all they’re worth.

This means no need to hide them under a long haircut or baseball cap. (Unless, of course, you are looking for a girl who wants you for your personality before seeing you.)

2) Smile

This again isn’t something you may be able to change - the shape of your smile is pretty much intact unless you feel like breaking your face - but you can control how much you show off your sparkly pearls.

Of course, someone always smiling will probably come off as creepy and deter women, so that’s not ideal but you can make a conscious effort to smile more often.

Smiles showcase that others are accepted and included and, even better, can be contagious.

3) Booty

Finally, something you do have some control over! Yes, our body shapes are partially inherited and some people are going to be naturally blessed with a ‘better’ booty than others, but spending a little time at the gym could boost your chance of attracting model-level women.

Q: How important is sense of humor?

Sabina Kelley: “A sense of humor is a definite.  Life is too serious already, so a guy that can make me laugh, is the best."


Beatrice Bouchard: “Most important of all!!!”

Q: How important is kindheartedness?

Sabina Kelley: “Being kindhearted is so important.  Being kind to the one you love, family, friends and strangers.  I like a man that looks like a tough and mean bad boy, but it the kindest sweetest soul ever.”

Beatrice Bouchard: “If you’re not a genuine and kind person, I could never picture something long-term. A guy needs to treat me the way he would want his mother and daughter to be treated.”

Q: How important is grooming?

Sabina Kelley: “I like my man to be groomed in the right spots and definitely take care of himself, but I don't want him overly groomed where he is at a salon or spa more than me.  I like my man being a man and looking like a man. “


Q: How important are facial features?

Sabina Kelley: “I think facial features are important because it is physically what you see that you are attracted to at first.  The other qualities come out after you meet the person.  It happens, but not as common where you could not think someone is attractive, but then their personality makes them attractive.  

Most of the time it is the other way around, as sad as it is.  My favorite facial features is a sexy smile and gorgeous eyes. Those two together, melt me.”

Ana Coltrane: “Facial hair, cute nose and long lashes!”

Beatrice Bouchard: “EYES! And teeth. A nice smile makes me melt.“

Claire Guentz: “Facial hair! love a good beard. " 

Q: How important is hair?

Sabina Kelley: “Hair or no hair it is important to me.  I think a guy should have one or the other not in between.  If he is balding he needs to shave it and be bald not try to hide it with a comb-over, that looks terrible.  

If you have hair it needs to be taken care of and groomed and styled, not just an out of control dirty mess.”

Ana Coltrane: “His hair needs to feel soft, I don't think I would mind baldness but receding hairline I would. I actually haven't ever dated a guy with receding hairline so I wouldn't really know either."  

Beatrice Bouchard: "I love a nice head of thick luscious hair, but receding hairlines aren’t a deal breaker for me."

Claire Guentz: "If you're confident and carry yourself well that goes a long way. You don't have to have the best hair to be attractive."

Q: How important is style?

Sabina Kelley: “Style is somewhat important, but not really.  I like a man to look put together and not a mess and have some sort of style."

Ana Coltrane: “He doesn't need to follow trends but he needs to know that green and red only go together if it is a Christmas outfit.

Beatrice Bouchard: “I love a guy with great style and who is knowledgeable about fashion."

Q: How important is smell?

Sabina Kelley: “A man has to smell good.  I can't stand when guys drown themselves in cologne or if they are the complete opposite and stink of body odor.  The scent of a clean, fresh man is so good.  My favorite cologne is John Varvatos Star USA”

Ana Coltrane: “As long as they do not stink I think I'm good!”

Beatrice Bouchard: “Something not too intense. I like musky woodsy smells. Something discrete. Nothing that lingers 5 minutes after you’ve left the room (that makes me nauseous)."

Claire Guentz: “I'm giving this a 5 because as long as you don't smell bad haha, actually wearing cologne doesn't matter to me that much.”

Lina Dinh: “My favorite cologne is Chanel.”

Q: How important is skincare?

Sabina Kelley: “As long as a man takes care of his skin the best he can, that's all that matters.  Having perfect skin is not overly important, but if it is something you can control and you don't then that's a problem.”


Q: How important is age?

Sabina Kelley: “Age is important to me.  I didn't think it was when I was younger, but now that I am not a kid anymore it definitely is important.  

I think more than a couple year age gap is no good.  Especially if you meet someone when you are young and they are a lot older.  They are pretty much how they are going to be and you are going to grow.  

If they don't grow with you, there is problems.  You need someone that is similar in age, so you understand and can relate to the same things and grow together.  Growing together forever is so important.”

Ana Coltrane: “Don't really care! I have dated younger and older guys than me.”

Beatrice Bouchard: “Age doesn’t bother me. I do like a guy who has a few years on me though (so he’s a bit more mature ;))“


Q: What can a guy do to stand out or impress you?

Sabina Kelley: “My job is not an easy one to handle. So a man who is strong, secure, and supports my career is impressive.

I also need a lot of attention, so when a man is constantly touching base with me and giving me that attention, I'm a happy girl.  

My husband and I had a long distance relationship with living in different countries… He made me feel special all the time.” 

Ana Coltrane: “Take me out for dinner, so cliché I know but a girl needs to eat! He needs to be a gentleman, so many guys have forgotten we are ladies and we still want them to open the doors for us!

A good handshake when we first meet is truly amazing, that shows confidence!

Please, do not use money to try to impress me, that won't work. Believe it or not!”

Beatrice Bouchard: “(Do) not be shy. Do something early on that gets my attention and that keeps me wondering.

I love a guy who isn’t scared to make all the first moves and show me he’s interested. But then knows how to play the game.

When it’s too easy, it’s no fun, but when they take it too far and act like they don’t have any interest, I get turned off quickly.”

Claire Guentz: “The ability to be assertive and direct … are qualities that really impress me. My husband and I met on a dating app, and so our first interaction was over text message.

The two things that stood out to me about him was he was making me laugh aloud through his text messages--I thought if this guys can make me laugh over text then I'm sure he will be even funnier in person (he was).

And he was also very direct with me. He would point blank ask me what I was looking for in someone, which I appreciated.

Also, he isn't afraid to be assertive when need be. A small example is we went out for my birthday dinner at a really nice restaurant, waited for a table, and ended up being sat at a table that I really wasn't happy with (I swear I'm not a diva haha).

He could tell I wasn't happy, so he took it upon himself to go find the host and ask to be reseated. It's important when someone is able to take initiative when need be!”

Lina Dinh: “When a guy shows his confidence when approaching you and knows what to say to start an endless conversation and actually wanting to get to know me and not in my pants.

For instance, my current boyfriend did not give up after I shut him down a couple times. Thanks to his confidence and determination, I am really happy I gave him a chance.

Now, I can’t stop thinking of him and how much we’ve been through. Who would've thought that this long distance relationship is the best relationship I’ve ever had.”



1) Assertiveness

Being assertive and direct are very clearly qualities that matter. In this digital age in which we communicate over so many different platforms with their own set of so-called language rules, clear communication cannot be overlooked.

Being assertive requires clarity of thought and intention, as well as confidence. Women don’t want to play games or try to decode hidden meanings in IG messages or comments. Thus having the confidence to be clear and direct cannot be overstated.

2) Go Beyond Looks

When men engage with women for the purposes of initiating an intimate relationship, it’s a given that he finds her attractive and is interested in her sexually.

These topics are assumed and thus excess talk about physical qualities or sexual intentions is not only unnecessary, it’s actually a turn-off.  


Q: Describe your perfect guy.

Sabina Kelley: “The perfect guy to me is someone who is strong, good looking, has their shit together, has goals and dreams, is a hard worker, is loyal, honest, loving, supportive and is about family.

It's a man that brings you up when you are down, makes you laugh, supports your career and dreams, and loves you forever. I've been lucky enough to find that man and call him my husband. I love you Nixx! <3”

Ana Coltrane: “Compassionate, hardworking, successful at what he does, takes care of his family and friends and LOVE dogs. He needs to know that as much as I need him to support me on my dreams I will support him as well. Men and women are equals.”

Beatrice Bouchard: “Someone who is very passionate about life and whatever he does as work. A guy who loves eating and traveling as much as I do.

He has to be very kind-hearted and genuine. He also needs to make me roll on the floor laughing (all the time). Oh and he has to be a major weirdo like me!”

Claire Guentz: “I honestly feel like my husband is my perfect guy haha--but literally. He has so many qualities that I didn't even know were important to me until I met him!

A perfect guy, or man, or someone who is there to support you when you need it, but is also secure enough to let you have your independence and succeed with your own goals and ambitions. Also, he has to be equally ambitious and determined.

At the end of the day, they have to be someone who you feel like has your back everyday, and know that you are both on the same team even when you argue. It's honestly a lot of little things that add up that create a perfect partner for each person.”

Lina Dinh: “My perfect guy is a gentleman with all of the non-physical and physical traits mentioned above and I’ve already found him.”


1) Support

We may not have many gender biases anymore, but it’s clear that women still look to men for support - and the opposite can be true as well.

Supporting someone’s dreams and ambitions is a clearcut way to show care and respect, as well as communicate you can put your own interests aside to support her ambitions.

2) Ambition

It’s a pretty well-understood fact that women like men who are ambitious and for those who already have achieved some success, such as these Instagram models, this thinking could not be more true.

Women want a man who has his own life, including dreams of his own and the passion to accomplish them.

It’s worth noting that monetary outcomes of a man’s goals aren’t very important, which may surprise some men, Rather, having personal ambitions, whatever they may be, is what matters most.

Meet the Models!

Sabina Kelley

Fashion Model | Pin-up Model | Dancer | Burlesque Dancer and more)

Q: What's one thing you wish men knew about you?

“I need a lot of attention and even though I get a lot of attention for my modeling, and that attention is nice, it's not from who I want the attention from.  

I'm a very loyal person and when I am in a relationship or now married I don't ever even think about other guys.  I want attention from the man I love, that is the attention I crave.  

Men in my past would always think everyone gave me so much attention for my modeling that it was going to give me a big head, so they would not give me any attention thinking it would put me in my place, which was the wrong thing to do.”


Ana Coltrane

Latina Content Creator & Beauty Influencer 🇪🇨 |📍NYC 👻 

Q: What's one thing you wish men knew about you?

“I have a resting b*tch face, so do not feel like you can not talk to me when you see me sitting at a bar or at the club or at any other place. I won't bite, I promise.”


Beatrice Bouchard

Montréal, Canada

Q: What's one thing you wish men knew about you?

“That it’s the little things that really melt a girl’s heart. Guys underestimate the power of chocolate and flowers - And cuddles!”


Claire Guentz


RN & Wife Fitness+Health | Personal Style | Daily Life The Husband & Wife Podcast 📧 📍Raleigh/Durham NC Tips, Advice & Inspiration

Q; What's one thing you wish men knew about you?

“Hmmmm. Just one thing? I have two bachelor degrees--in addition to blogging full-time, I also work as a Registered Nurse.”

 Lina Dinh

Q: What's one thing you wish men knew about you?

“I take things slow. I have trust issues with people, men and women, so it takes time for me to build trust with someone to allow myself to be entirely open about myself.”  

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