Why people love it
  • Good-looking, supportive, and durable
  • Belt comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • A weight lifting belt built for serious lifters

Sizes run small; buy a larger size to ensure a proper fit.


Performance: This weight belt is only 4 inches wide, meaning it will cinch around your waist without riding down to your hips or compressing your ribs. It's made from 5mm-thick leather that is highly durable. It's a belt built to take a beating in the gym. In fact, Dark Iron Fitness is so confident in the quality of their belt that they offer a lifetime guarantee: if it ever breaks, they'll send you a new one.

The belt comes with the classic double prong metal buckle, and the holes are close enough together that you can get a fairly customized fit. It's built for comfort, though it doesn't have a suede inner lining like some other weight belts (see the Ader).

Price: If you're looking for a belt that's both a beauty and a beast, this is the one for you! It will run you just $34—an excellent price considering its durability, comfort, quality, and lifespan. Plus, you can't beat a lifetime guarantee.

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