Best Compression Socks for Runners

Danish Endurance Graduated Compression Socks
  • Good compression: tight enough to improve run performance without impairing circulation
  • Premium build quality; comfortable and durable
  • Padded footbed, heel, and toe reduce impact on your foot joints and bones
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Midweight compression, good elasticity, easy to put on, long-lasting, stylish, bright colors, extra cushioning in the heel and toe, padded foot bed, 100% sweat-shop free, tested and endorsed by Olympi athletes, and inexpensive.

Reviewers report the fit can be a bit too tight for some and the elastic calf band can be painful.


Performance: For runners who want to improve endurance by boosting circulation, these are the socks for you. Not only are they durable and comfortable, but they offer midweight compression that will enhance blood flow to your legs and feet. Best of all, they come with padding in the heel, footbed, and toe to reduce impact while you run. Wear these with your running shoes and you'll feel like you're running on clouds!

The elasticity of the socks is a tad too tight, so you may need to buy a size larger in order to fit. However, the graduated compression ensures consistent pressure all along your leg, ankle, and foot.

The socks are made in the EU (sweat-shop free manufacturing), using premium quality materials. All in all, a very durable pair of socks!

Design: If you have larger calves, you may find the elastic band at the top can be a bit tight (painfully so, in some cases). Runners may want to try a size larger in order to avoid impaired circulation when they run.

However, once you get the size right, you'll find these socks are beautifully comfortable. In addition to the foot padding, the socks use a breathable material that will keep your feet cool. The mixture of 95% Polyamide and 5% Elasthan ensures good elasticity and compression without making the socks impossible to pull up.

Price: At $10 per pair, these are the best-priced socks on our list. They offer quality, comfort, and durability at a highly affordable cost—definitely a good choice for runners and all athletes to consider.


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