Best Gift for Tech-Savvy Tweens

Dancing Water Speakers
  • Fun for kids and tweens
  • Lights move with music
  • Compatible with multiple device types
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USB cord eliminates the need for batteries. Six multicolored LED lights enhance your tween’s listening experience, especially when her music has bass.

Multiple users are annoyed that this device requires a mini USB connection rather than a micro connection.


Why she’s gotta have it: Tech-savvy tweens are constantly streaming music, videos, or verbal chat sessions on their digital devices. These water speakers illuminate your favorite tween's bedroom with vibrant colors as she talks to friends or listens to music. Their sleek, modern design appeals to preteens, but younger kids like them too. Installation is a breeze, and there are no batteries to deal with.

Price: Price varies from $30 to $70 for these water speakers. Would we pay $70 for these? Eh, probably not. Would we pay $30 to $50? Yes, definitely.


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