Damien from Mean Girls

Best Cheap Men’s Halloween Costume

Why people love it
  • Can be worn all year-round
  • Super comfortable
  • Instantly recognizable if you pull the line off correctly:

If you’ve ever seen Mean Girls, then you know where this costume idea comes from (and everyone else will, too!). Perhaps the best thing about this cheap and comfortable costume is that you can wear this hoodie all year-round, which also makes this the best value Halloween costume.

The color Damien wears in the movie is closer to the Carolina Blue found here. However, it’s sold out in most sizes, so you may have to resort to the light blue you’ll find more prominently available elsewhere.


Comfort: People who have bought this hoodie love how super soft and comfortable it is. And, unlike a problem many people encounter with traditional Halloween costumes, this one fits well.  

Longevity: Unless Mean Girls falls out of public favor in the near future, you should be able to reuse this costume idea over and over again.

Price: This is seriously the cheapest Halloween costume on this list, unless you’re able to DIY one of the other ones for cheap and then keep wearing it all year long.

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