Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic Guitar

Best Gift for a Future Rock Star

Why people love it
  • Sparkly exterior
  • Special neck design is perfect for small hands
  • Lightweight guitar ideal for long jam sessions

Includes a gig bag for easy transport to band practice and concerts - or from her bedroom to the basement. Reusable decals make it simple to create an instrument that’s truly hers.

A couple reviewers complain about shipping-related issues, but there are no major complaints about this glittery guitar.


Why she’s gotta have it: Taylor Swift loves Daisy Rock guitars and has helped the company design some of the instruments she’s owned. This model is very similar to the glittery guitars she’s been photographed with over the years.

Even if your junior guitarist isn’t a Swift fan, she’ll have a blast strumming along with her favorite rock or country songs. This guitar really works - and it works well, according to reviewers.

Price: You might want to put this gift on your credit card. The guitar costs around $200, and you’ll spend more than that if you include a cute strap or a kid-approved guitar pick.

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