Da Bird Pole Cat Toy

Best Cat Toy Overall

Why people love it
  • Great for kitty's with lots of energy
  • Made by people who understand cats
  • Just as much fun for humans

Some users say they like the older version of the pole. 


Durabilty: The feathers on this toys are specifically designed to be easily replaced once they are worn out. So when you're kitty has officially killed Da Bird, just swap out the old feathers for a new set and you're good to go! You can get replacement feathers here

Features: The pole comes apart in two pieces for easy storage and space saving. With special swiveling technology, the feathers are designed to look and even sound like a real bird to trigger your kitty's predatory instincts. You can even get a variety of different toys to attach to the end of the string! 

Price: Super affordable, and worth every penny. This cat toy will not break the bank. 

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