Best Cheap Lounge Pants for Women

CYZ Women's Stretch Cotton Knit Pajama Pants
  • Extremely comfortable and gives you just the right amount of leg room
  • The waistband doesn't pinch or feel tight
  • Affordable price
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Affordable and stylish cotton lounge pants that are perfect for everyday wear. With their thicker, sweapant-like feel, they're guaranteed to keep you warm and provide all-day comfort.

These will shrink when put in the dryer. So, make sure to hang dry them! These also run a little big so order a size down. 


Quality: The CYZ Lounge Pants are created using a combination of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The fabric is somewhat thick (like sweatpants), super soft, and stretchy. Since these are designed with a thicker, cotton fabric, these pants are ideal for everyday lounging or sleeping during the cooler monthes. 

Although they hold up really well to frequent use and washing, these do shrink when placed in the dryer. 

Style: These pants come in black, charcoal, grey, blue, and bordeaux, giving you plenty of color choices.The drawstring waistband will keep them snugly in place, and you'll love that they're loose enough to lounge without being too baggy or droopy. You'll love how they look and feel, and you're definitely going to be tempted to wear them all day long.

Price: These lounge pants are designed to provide you with top-notch comfort, but won’t hurt your wallet. At under $12, these pants couldn't get any cheaper. 

And, they're the least expensive ones on our list. Trust us, you're going to want multiple pairs.


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