Cuties Baby Diapers

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Why people love it
  • Perfect diaper for sensitive bottoms
  • Soft, cloth-like feel throughout the diaper
  • Just as durable as any other diaper (even name brands)

Unlike other diapers, there aren't any famous characters on them, which may disappoint some toddlers. 


Absorbency: This diaper is designed with an absorbent core for leakage protection, and adjustable grip tabs for a comfier fit. In fact, the grip tabs might be the grippiest tabs we've ever seen. It gets better: the Cuties brand diapers have a color changing wetness indicator. So, you no longer have to guess whether or not your little one is in need of a change.

Comfort and fit: These diapers are the softest value diaper out there. And, perfect for sensitive bottoms. Cuties offers newborn sizes, along with 7 additional sizes ranging from 8-41 lbs. The sizes run true to other diapers and fit quite snug. However, it’s important to get the right fit. Diapers that are too tight or too loose can leak and be uncomfortable for your baby. When your baby’s diaper starts fitting too snug, it’s probably time to go up a size. If you're unsure about the sizing, check the size chart listed on Amazon. 

Eco-friendly: Eco-concious parents can rest assured with Cuties brand diapers. We were surprised to find that these diapers are free of harsh chemicals like latex, fragrance, and chlorine. Plus, they are designed with a hypoallergenic liner enhanced with vitamin E and aloe to sooth your baby's skin. Super absorband and eco-friendly? Yes please. 

Price: Our favorite thing about the Cuties brand diaper (besides the name, of course) is the price. At $0.14 a piece, the Cutie baby diaper is the cheapest option on our list, making it perfect for parents who are on a budget. You can save even more if you subscribe on Amazon to have these delivered on a regular basis. We recommend this diaper for parents looking for a budget friendly diaper that provides quality protection, while also being eco-friendly. Overall, we think Cuties brand diapers will definitely give you the most bang for your buck. 

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