Cute Couple Tees

Best Gift for a Girlfriend With a Sense of Humor

Why people love it
  • Comfortable material
  • True-to-size fit
  • Fun design

Some wearers say the shirts shrink after a few washes, so you might want to order a size up even though they generally fit true to size.


Details: Here’s one present that won’t leave a bad taste in her mouth. If she’s constantly cracking up over silly puns, she’ll get a kick out of this matching T-shirt set. The guy’s shirt says “Don’t go bacon my heart,” and the girl’s shirt says “I couldn’t if I fried.”

Each shirt is machine washable, but make sure you wash them inside out. Order a size or two bigger than you usually get if you’re worried about shrinkage or your gf hates form-fitting tees.  

Price: You get two shirts for around $35, which is a steal. Try doing that at the mall!

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