Customized M&Ms

Best Valentine's Gift for Your "Sweetie"

Why people love it
  • Great for the choco-holic in your life
  • Customize with words and photos
  • Creative options for packaging

This cheesy, but totally cute idea makes for a great add-on gift for Valentine’s Day. If you’ve gotten her a more practical gift, use these M&Ms for a personal touch.

They’re pretty pricey for candies.


Sentimentality: It depends on how custom you get with the messaging or even how you use them. Check out M&M’s inspiration guide.

Uniqueness: Not the most creative gift, but it’s still a nice touch.

Practicality: They’re not going to last very long, but your wife with the sweet-tooth will love them for as long as they do.

Price: Kind of expensive for candy, but it’s the extra personalization that counts.

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