Why people love it
  • Well-made leather dog collar
  • Comes with custom engraving
  • Soft and comfortable

Just be careful about the sizing on this one. Since the engraving goes right on the leather, it’s not returnable.


Style: This is a basic leather dog collar. It also happens to come in a variety of beautiful colors, with a personalized engraving for your dog’s name and contact info, as well as a choice of bone, heart, or paw print designs.

Comfort: People love how soft the leather of this collar it. They even say that the leather still looks new even after the dog’s worn it for some time, so it appears to be pretty durable too.

Security: Instead of using a typical clasp or buckle to close it, this comes with belt-like loops to secure this around your dog’s neck. And, because your dog’s info is engraved right on the collar, you don’t have to worry about a metal ring or ID tag falling off if your dog should run away.

Price: This is about average price for a dog collar, though the personalized engraving and leather craftsmanship actually makes this product quite a steal.

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