Cuisinart 6 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

Best Electric Pressure Cooker for Small Kitchens

Why people love it
  • Works remarkably well
  • Cooks everything super quickly
  • Hardly difficult to clean

There are 5 cooking settings controlled by a one press button. The digital display is useful as is the fingerprint-free exterior.

It’s not as reliable as we would like; some users report lids that just don’t seal properly.


This electric pressure cooker has pros and cons. They do tend to balance each other out which makes this right for some users – but not all. If you’re looking for a budget pressure cooker that does the job well and does just a little more than it claims, you’re in the right place. But, if you need super safety features, you’re not going to get them.

Programming is straightforward, as is the countdown. We absolutely appreciate the cool touch handles which are exactly that. But, in saying all that, it’s the price that really makes this a worthwhile buy. If they wanted to charge closer to $100, we would steer you away from this machine.

Capacity? This is a 6-quart cooker.

Easy to clean? You can wash the pot in the dishwasher, though the rest is by hand. There’s also a dishwasher-safe trivet that saves your delicate surfaces included in the mix.

Safety Features? You’ll need to fully lock this Cuisinart pressure cooker into place before it will build pressure and cook your food. But, it’s hardly the extensive safety list you’ll find with other pressure cookers.

Extra features? The handles are cool touch, which is useful at serving time. There’s also a recipe gift included, but this isn’t a feature-rich pressure cooker. Economic yes, but not much more.

Other cooking methods? In addition to low and high-pressure cooking, you can also sauté, brown, and warm your foods. The simmer feature is helpful for finishing touches. If you’re clever, you’ll be able to figure out how to use it to cook rice, but it’s not super intuitive.

Will it break the bank? Nope. And that’s one of the reasons we like it so much. You’ll pay about $70 for this electric cooker. Since it’s so inexpensive, we’ll allow it to have a few flaws.

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