Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler

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Why people love it
  • Cleanup is a breeze
  • Easy to use (and a go-to appliance in many homes)
  • Versatile; works in so many different ways

Start by thinking about griddling foods, but don’t stop there. You get five different cooking methods in a single appliance. And who doesn’t love storing a single, multifunctional piece instead of five? (Feel free to fall in love with the additional waffle plates.)

You might expect more from the oh-so-versatile cooking plates, but they have been a disappointment to some users. And, the drip tray is built in which makes it a little difficult to deal with.


This 5-in-1 griddle from Cuisinart does a little bit of everything. And, it does it well with removable and reversible nonstick cooking plates 

Sometimes you need a panini stat! At other times, you need hamburgers for the guys during the game. And, sometimes, you need a surface to cook a lot of eggs for brunch. This little baby does all of that. It's little wonder that it has been an Amazon #1 Bestseller in the Electric Griddle category. Now, it's not the largest indoor grill, but it's super versatile and that's always a plus.

Cooking method: You can use this electric appliance as a contact grill, full grill, full griddle, half grill and half griddle, and a panini press. And then there are the bonus waffle plates. Consider that the release lever opens the top to double your grill or griddle space. You may already be in love.

Best for cooking: This baby will cook just about everything you have in your kitchen. No really; don’t limit yourself. You may, however, want to hold off on super fat-heavy meats because of the way the drip tray works. If it’s not too fatty – no worries.

Temperature control? You get a few control dials on the front of this machine. The center flips between grill and panini settings to griddle controls (and turns the machine off and on). The other knobs set the temperature for the griddle or the heat levels for the panini and grills side of things. It’s not super comprehensive, but given the price, you shouldn’t expect more.

Dishwasher safe? The manufacturer claims the place are dishwasher safe, but we don’t want you to get too excited yet. You may want to hand wash them due to the non-stick coating. And, the drip tray is built in, so there’s that dilemma. Now, there is a scraping/cleaning tool included for easier cleanup, but you may need to put in some effort.

Will it break the bank? Considering the range of cooking methods at play here, $80 is almost a steal. We would have loved a removable drip tray, but since this isn’t an expensive model, we’ll get over ourselves quickly.

What Reviewers Say: Lots of people love this gadget. You might be next.

  • Improvement: The grease catcher used to be a little cup that had to be set under a spout on the side of the bottom plate. If it was positioned incorrectly, (or forgotten about), greased dripped out on the counter. The grease catcher is now integrated into the Griddler as a drawer-like device that can be pulled out to clean, and then put back in place for the next use. Improvement: The original G4 had two sets of plates - one flat set, one ridged set (for paninis). There is now one reversible set of plates (ridged on one side, flat on the other), and therefore no need to find a storage place for the plates not in use. The new plates have a good substantial weight. I don't have the old ones here for comparison, but the quality of the plates certainly was not cheapened.
  • Being a kitchen appliance junkie, I decided to try the Cuisinart Griddler this year. I love the size (great for just 2 people, though) as I do not anticipate using it in the fullImprovements over previous model are the reversable grill plates that snap in and out very easily and now you do not have 2 extra plates to store somewhere. The grease catch pan is integrated into the bottom and removes very easily for cleaning. Cleanup is a snap: take off the 2 grill plates and they wash and cleanup so easy I don't bother putting them in the dishwasher. Clean the drip tray and you are done. Fast & easy.
    I disagree with those that say it is great for cooking small meals or for a small family. It cooks the meat so fast, you better not walk away. First thing I cooked were good sized hamburgers & they were at 180° in 5 minutes. The next 4 were perfectly cooked at 4 minutes. Used the Sear setting per the instruction book with the grill preheated. New York Strip sirloins were done in 3 1/2 to 4 minutes on the Sear setting. Fast cooking & the meat is eye appealing with the grill marks on both sides. Batch number 3 will be pork chops tonight.
    Granted, it doesn't quite do the job my Weber grill does outside, but when it is 15 below zero, the Griddler is very nice to have for indoor winter usage. open position. And it is handsome as handsome can be to me. Very commercial looking on a very small scale. (I was chef/owner of a restaurant for 13 years.) And cleanup is easy. Although I still use the wet paper towel and sponge for immediate cleanup, the removable plates (very easy to take off and put back on) make washing in sink or dishwasher other options, Although the plates are nonstick, it is best to use vegetable spray or oil on the food (I prefer this rather than spraying the whole plate.)

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