Why people love it
  • Very sharp; hold their edge well
  • Well-designed knives; comfortable to use
  • Lightweight, easy to clean, feel solid and durable

Not fully rust-proof.


Details: If you want to get your man a "kitchen starter kit", this is a great way to go. The knives are fairly inexpensive, but they provide everything he needs to cook and eat in style.

The set comes with the knife block, a sharpener, a pair of kitchen scissors, 6 knives for cooking (chef's knife, bread knife, paring knife, etc.), and 6 serrated steak knives for eating. The hollow-handle makes them lightweight, but they're made of durable carbon stainless steel. They're easy to sharpen and keep clean, though you may find a few rust spots within a month or two of use. However, they're a good way to get him started using the right tools to cook you meals.

Price: $45 for a knife set is fairly inexpensive, when compared to the $200+ you'd spend on a true chef's knife set. Worth it for a simple gift for a boyfriend!

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