Why people love it
  • Incldues all the tools necessary for an awesome BBQ
  • Velvet-lined case makes organization a cinch
  • Beautiful-looking, versatile tools good for backyard grilling

Includes everything needed to be a master griller, stainless steel, 1-year warranty, and even comes with an aluminum storage case.

Not built for heavy duty use.


Details: For the husband who loves to grill, this is the perfect gift! The 14-piece set includes: spatula, tongs, basting brush, corn holders, cleaning brush, and additional brush heads. The set is stored in a beautiful velvet-lined aluminum case.

The stainless steel tools are rust-resistant and fairly durable, though not designed for heavy-duty grilling. The ring set into the handle allows him to hang them as he's grilling, and the extra-long handles reduce the risk of grill burns.

Price: Paying $36 for a set of grill tools is totally worth it when you see his face light up! For the weekend warrior who loves to grill, it's an amazing gift.

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