Best Valentine's Gift for Men Who Love to Cook

CTA Digital 2-In-1 Kitchen Mount Stand for iPad and All Tablets
  • Mount your devices for easy viewing while cooking
  • Versatile; "like three stands for the price of one"
  • Super easy installation

Convenient mount for tablets, durable, reliable maneuverability, precise, no drooping or sagging, simple and easy to install, and can easily be converted into a stand.

Hinges have to be tightened regularly.


Details: Adjustable mount stand for your iPad or tablet, perfect to mount to your wall or under the kitchen cabinet. It includes 2 mounting bases for multiple locations; the adjustable holder can hold iPad or other tablets from 6 to 8.5 inces wide; and the holder can rotate 360 degrees.

If he uses his tablet for listening to music, reading recipes, or watching TV while cooking, this is an amazing gift for him. The kitchen mount comes with two brackets, which can be installed anywhere in the house. The mount can be switched between the brackets or even operate as a stand—a very versatile device.

The multi-jointed stand offers precise placement of your tablet, and you'll find that with regular tightening, the mount/stand doesn't droop or sag. It's ready to use right out of the box, and the installation/mounting process takes just a few minutes. It's a brilliant gift that he'll use every time he cooks.

Price: Paying $30 for this mount is totally worth it if he loves to spend time in the kitchen. It'll make his cooking time more enjoyable and keep his tablet safe as he works.


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