Crown Majestic Diamond Series V3

Best Automatic Pet Feeder for Small Pets

Why people love it
  • Terrific operation
  • Easy to programme
  • Pets seem to enjoy the routine (and the water bowl)

You can put up to 4.4 pounds of food in the hopper (works with dry kibbles only). This feeder combines a basic waterer into the mix - and a voice recorder.

It doesn’t allow variable times (though you can set the number of meals) or variable meal amounts. So if your cat is on a special diet, this might not be for you.  


This is a rather cool automatic pet feeder for a couple of reasons. We’re fans of the easy-to-operate LCD screen and the variables you can play with. It also incorporates a waterer; it’s not super-sophisticated, mind you – but it’s there. The best feature by far, however, is the personal voice recorder. You can record up to 12 seconds of your voice (or anything you want); it will play as the food is dispensed. Though we don’t know for sure, we like to believe your pet will appreciate that.

On the downside, you can’t schedule the actual times for feeds – only the number of intervals per day. As such, it sometimes works better for cats, but we bet dogs will adapt quickly if needed.

For Fido or Fluffy? You can use this feeder for both cats and dogs, but that should tell you that it’s better for smaller animals. Incidentally, some cats are clever enough to scoop some food from the hopper. But, they have to work remarkably hard to do so; so you may not even mind.

Kibble or tartar? Dry food only. But, the water bowl is right there. so if your dog is a bit of a slobberer, he could turn that dry meal into a hot mess. Kibble size doesn’t seem to affect operation.

Capacity? You can store 4.4 pounds of food. We think that’s decent.

And that’s how many meals? You can schedule between 1 and 4 meals in a 24-hour cycle. But, you don’t get to choose the specific times, just the interval between feeds. Meals can be set for anything between ¼ cup to 2 cups.

What sort of power is needed? It’s operational using an AC adaptor. 4 AA batteries will also make it work, and you can use them together for a backup power supply.  

Is the cleaning easy? It’s mostly dishwasher-safe, which makes it a wonderful addition for most busy humans.

Will it break the bank? Surprisingly, no. It sells for about $70. It’s not perfect, but there are some nice features – especially given the price.

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