Crown Coast Travel Umbrella

Best Heavy Duty Umbrella

Why people love it
  • Canopy undamaged if umbrella flips open
  • Durable, heavy duty materials used
  • Resilient frame built for heavy winds and rain

Compact, flexible frame, rated for up to 60 MPH winds, auto open and close, damage-resistant, easy closure, lifetime warranty, water-repellent, mold-resistant, and rustproof.

Springs open very forcefully, which may be potentially dangerous to people around you.


Construction: If you want a heavy duty umbrella, this is your top pick! Not only is it built from solid materials (including rust-proof stainless steel and mold-resistant nylon for the canopy), but the design is incredibly durable. It's also to stand up to winds of 60 MPH. The nylon canopy is water-repellent and abrasion-resistant, so you'll find it will last for years to come.

The canopy design is the real selling point of this umbrella! Even if the canopy is bent, the umbrella isn't ruined. The resilient memory flex frame will snap easily back to its normal shape, the nylon canopy and steel ribs completely undamaged. This makes it an umbrella that will last for years to come, no matter how inclement the weather.

Features: The spring-loaded umbrella snaps out at the press of a button—a bit too forcefully, some may say. However, the auto-open is matched by an auto-close feature. Press the button once more, and the umbrella will automatically close. You'll never have to fumble with the canopy again!

The stainless steel frame is treated with an anti-corrosion layer, and it's connected to a rubber handle that will offer excellent grip and comfort in cold and wet weather.

Price: At just under $19, this is a very well-priced umbrella. You'll find it's worth every penny if you need an umbrella that can survive heavy storms and high winds.

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