Crock-Pot 6-Quart Programmable Oval Slow Cooker

Best Christmas Gift for the Wife That’s Tired of Cooking

Why people love it
  • Efficient and simple to operate
  • Super easy to clean
  • Users love the programmable feature

You may need to check the temperature of the warm setting on this baby; the FDA mandated a rise in the warm setting for food safety reasons, so it may be higher than you’re used to.


Featured: Everyone that’s tried it knows just how genius a slow cooker is for getting dinner on the table without a whole lot of hassle. And, Crock-pot is the market leader in these machines. (The name is synonymous with slow cookers, just as Kleenex is for tissues, and Band-Aid is for…)

The benefits of this machine over other slow cookers is the fact that you can programme your cooking time according to your recipe. Now, it’s not much more advanced than that; you can’t control your Crock-pot to start while you’re at work (but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as far as food safety goes). But, you can set it to cook on high for up to 20 hours; after that, this appliance will switch to the warming setting.

This machine has a generous six-quart cooking capacity, so you can easily expect the family to be fed. Both the insert and the lid can be popped in the washing machine safely and the body is super easy to wipe clean.

Now, if you want to get really techie in the kitchen, you could consider this Smart Crock-Pot that works through an app. The only reason we didn’t make it a feature item here is that dinner is ruined if your Wi-Fi goes down and you’re on the other side of town. (Ouch.). And, if your wife is more likely to appreciate the basics, this might be the prettiest slow cooker out there.

Price: Though not the cheapest slow cooker available, this high quality product is worth every penny.

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