CRKT Williams Tactical Applications Flashlight

Best Tactical LED Flashlight Over $100

Why people love it
  • Powerful LED output
  • Features multiple flashlight modes
  • Easy to use

Designed by James Williams - former military officer, knife designer, and martial arts expert (so you know this flashlight has got to be good), the CRKT Williams flashlight is meant to be a blinding weapon as much as an effective flashlight.

Expensive compared to competitors. 


Purpose: The CRKT Williams flashlight is ideal for outdoor use, personal safety, self-defense, everyday-carry, and tactical applications.

Performance: This flashlight produces a powerful LED output and features a hard-coat, black, anodized aluminum body - tough and strong enough for lasting durability. Additionally, this flashlight features projected lens reflectors, which provide maximum output and brightness. 

Price: Although this flashlight is pretty pricey, users agree that the long-lasting design is well worth the investment.

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