Why people love it
  • Relatively easy to connect and use
  • Super reasonably priced
  • Bright, yet soft light

If you want to Smarten your home on a budget, this is the best way to do it. Bulbs are Wi-Fi connected through a hub and can further connect to a number of platforms. 

You may or may not find set-up easy; you need to connect the bulbs one at a time, which can be painful. And, it doesn't work terribly well with dimmer switches. 


There are pros and cons to these Cree bulbs. On the plus side, the price! Really, this is one of the most affordable options out there. And you can connect to a host of other systems (including Alexa) to really up your home integration game. But, you’re only going to get white light. In fact, setting the mood can be a little more difficult than you expect as it doesn’t work with dimmer switches. And then there is the set up – one bulb at a time. Ouch. Still, let’s look at the price just one more time (and the integrations) before you move along.

What systems does it connect to? You can connect this to Wink Relay, ZigBee hubs, WeMo Link, GE Link, and Philips Hue Hub. That’s not bad, especially given the price of each bulb.

How does it connect? The bulbs connect to a hub but it isn’t a Cree hub; you can plug into other options (list above). You will, however, need Wi-Fi and whatever apps you want to work with.

What colors are available? There’s nothing but white available on this bulb and it’s not that easy to dim. But look at the price again before you dismiss the lack of options.

Lumens? The max is 815. That’s better than average. Not the brightest, but solid. It also puts out more light from the side (350 lumes) than the top (250 lumens).

Watts or watts equivalent? The 11.5 watts you get with this bulb are darn good, perhaps a little better than the 60 watt equivalent that it’s meant to be.

How long should a light bulb last? You get 25,000 hours with each bulb. It’s low, but it will still last for years and years, unless you don’t use your Smart light systems to turn off forgotten lights.

Cost for an individual bulb or fitting? Get this – a single bulb costs about $16. There’s also a six-pack available which allows you to save a little per bulb; though not much. But really, if you’re kitting out an entire home, every cent counts.

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