Your creative job interview look is all about pairing colors together in a stylish manner, which gives you a variety of options in the footwear department. Since you're likely already sporting a few colors between your shirt and pants, you can seamlessly throw in a pair of colored oxfords to complete the look. 


Even if you expect your interviewer to be in sandals and a T-shirt, don't get tempted to go all-out casual in your footwear. Your look should be complete from head to toe, and that includes shoes that match the color scheme you've already picked out for your top and bottom. To pull off the relaxed, stylish look, skip the sneakers and opt for trendy oxfords instead. Details such as suede material will work especially well to throw in a hint of the trendy-sophisticated look, as will complimentary colored laces. To get the best of both, consider these DADAWEN Men's Leather Oxford Shoe, which are available in a variety of colors to perfectly match your trend-setting, creative look. 

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