Naturally, creative job interviews allow you to be a little edgier in your attire. Resist the urge to wear jeans and instead opt matching colors smoothly wearing plain front trousers with a modern striped or checkered shirt. 


Don't let the liberal culture fool you; you're still interviewing. And, you don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed, or you're on your way to a bar. To pull off this fashionable, creative look, skip the jeans and wear a pair of plain front trousers. The point here is to match colors in a trendy, laid-back professional way. Pair your bottoms with moderately striking shirts with either stripes or checkers. Stone Rose Orange & Purple Italian Fabric Checkered Shirt. To pull off the look best, think of the color combinations that go well together, and then sort out your wardrobe from there. 

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