Even in a creative job interview, wearing jeans is shouting that you're willing to earn less. Avoid this problem and opt for casual pants in an off-beat color that compliment, but does not exactly match, the rest of your outfit.


Creative job interviews let you play around with color in your look, so don't go straight for your generic jeans. Instead, pick off-colored casual pants, like these Match Men's Slim Straight Fit Casual Pants, available in black, khaki, orange, army green, and light blue. These cotton pants come with a nicely hidden zipper closure, and fit snugly at the waist, falling into a straight leg at the bottom. Easily pair bold black pants with a shirt with black detailing or let your bottoms do most of the talking with orange pants paired with a less loud shirt. Either way, ensure you have stronger upper or lower, but not both. 

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