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So, we know this isn't the cheapest smart garage door opener. But, it does carry the Craftsman name - and a DieHard battery backup too. 

  • Quality control and peace of mind .
  • Safe, secure 
  • Advanced tri frequency remote

The battery backup on this puppy is just the beginning. You can also allow visitors in remotely, monitor your home from overseas, set your sensors to close your garage after you've backed out and more. It's compatible with other smart home products you might already have, alerts pets and people when you close it remotely, runs efficiently and locks closed garage doors to make your home that much more burglar proof.

Now, unfortunately, the price given is the beginning. To kit your garage out right, you may need some of the add-ons. But, this smart garage door opener is still leaps and bounds ahead of many of the other products. So, if peace of mind is what you're after, then you probably need to make the investment. And we support that 100%.

What Reviewers have to say:

  • I am very pleased with the opener. It is so quiet you can hardly hear the motor!
  • Garage door opener is very quiet. So happy that I purchased this unit.
  • It works great, is quiet, and runs smooth. Purchasing the top of the line was more than worth it.

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