It doesn't matter how many tools you have in the garage, you always want more. 

  • Neat, organized and ready to go
  • The whole set is guaranteed forever.
  • Chrome-plated finish for extra long-lasting durability.

The set includes metric and standard tools with 128 sockets and 3 quick release ratchets. The sockets come in deep well and standard depths. If you're the type of person that spends their time in the garage then this set will have you covered. 

(Don't you need a tool kit in the car?) And, this set pretty much covers any job - from working on your car to fixing your bike. 

What Reviewers have to say:

  • This is a great set in a convenient well setup case at a great price.
  • This set is perfect. It contains all the tools I could possibly need while I tinker around the house. You need to buy one
  • It has plenty of tools to be able to do quick repairs and comes in a handy storage case. Great as a beginner set of tools or for traveling.

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