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COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus
  • Soft tip
  • Self-sharpening design
  • Easy to use
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Produced by COVERGIRL, which has been a trusted cosmetics brand for more than 50 years. Built-in smudger allows for easy blending.

Some users complain that it doesn’t last as long as pricier liners. However, there are also tons of reviewers who praise the long-lasting formula of this popular eyeliner.


Formula: Smooth, non-greasy formula deposits rich color on your lids. Some reviewers say the black liner isn’t as intense as liners from other brands, but many of them see this as a pro rather than a con. It produces a more natural look than most of the other eyeliners on our list of faves, and it’s long lasting but not waterproof.

Performance: This eyeliner does what it claims to do (goes on smoothly and lasts a while), but expect to reapply it a few times if you’ve got a long day ahead of you. The slim applicator fits easily in your pocket or purse; one of our Faveable writers confesses she used to keep this COVERGIRL eyeliner in the pocket of her scrub top for quick workday touch-ups.

Ease of Use: This is one of the most user-friendly eyeliners we’ve ever tried. A quick twist is all it takes to release more product from the self-sharpening applicator, and there’s even a built-in smudger for creating smokey eyes.

Price: For about the price of a Starbucks coffee, you can prettify your peepers with this budget-friendly eyeliner. It’s the cheapest eyeliner on our list, but it’s still a quality product.


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