You learned in school that the amount of water on the planet is a constant. That's cool. But, then you learned that water is constantly contaminated through everyday use - and even the filtering process used to refresh water for domestic use. And then you started buying bottles of water because, well... ewww! You can stop buying water and feel secure with this Cove water filtration system. And, you don't need that nasty plastic water filter jug any longer either.


If you're at all concerned about the quality of your water, Cove is the SmartHome gadget of the year. For a start, this baby is sexy and you know it looks way better than the cheap jugs you have been using. Behind the sleek, modern design is a filter to end all filters. Well, actually, there are a few filters. The first set absorbs impurities and makes use of silver to prevent bacteria buildup in your water. The second set requires a pump to push water through additional silver-coated, laser-etched filters to capture just about anything that isn't H, O, or other naturally beneficial minerals. Brilliant! To make this baby better, its lights can be customized to match your decor, it actually monitors your water quality and consumption (which previous water filters just couldn't do), and connects through an app to let you know when it's time for a new filter. You can also get reminders that it's time for a glass of water if you like. 

Cove is available for pre-order at the moment, and we're pretty sure this is the water train you want to be on this year!


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