Countertop Popcorn Maker

Best Small Appliance for a High School Graduate

Why people love it


  • Popcorn remains in the machine rather than flying around 
  • Very few unpopped kernels 
  • On/off switch for convenient popping


BPA-free surface is resilient yet attractive. Fun, modern design takes up very little space.

Sometimes the machine smells like burned plastic if it gets too hot. If this happens, turn off the appliance and contact the manufacturer.


Why Your Grad’s Gonna Love It: The average person consumes 43 quarts of popcorn per year, so odds are high that your graduate likes this popular snack. A microwave takes up lots of space in a cramped dorm room, so this small appliance lets your student fulfill popcorn cravings without traveling to the dining hall. The machine doesn’t require oil, so it makes less of a mess than other popcorn makers we’ve seen.

Don’t forget to include some kernels and seasoning so your snack-loving graduate doesn’t have to make a trip to the supermarket.

Price: This popcorn maker will set you back anywhere from $28 to $55, which is basically the same price as other popcorn makers.

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