Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller (2 pack)

Best Christmas Gift for Beer Drinkers

Why people love it
  • Keeps beer cold for up to 30 minutes longer
  • Great for regular-sized bottles AND pint glasses
  • Ideal for people who sip rather than chug their beer

Never have a warm beer again, great for use at home and at tailgate parties, protects beer from losing carbonation, and features a durable design and construction.

Fits "standard" sized bottles, but not bottles with unique dimensions.


Details: Tired of warm beers? Of course you are. And it does happen - at the worst of times of too. Now you can be done with all that. These handy gadgets are in-bottle beer chillers; keeping your beer cold from the first sip to the last.

For the man who hates tepid beer (all of us!), this is the gift that keeps on giving. All he has to do is pop it into the freezer to chill the corkcicles, and when it comes time to drink, he slips one into his beer to keep it cold without ice. No matter how long he nurses that beer, it will never go lukewarm. Thanks to the airtight seal at the top, it will also protect the carbonation.

Sure, it may feel goofy to sip beer through the straw, but it's worth it for cold beer. The stainless steel frame is easily frozen—in the freezer and in the tailgating/backyard BBQ ice chest—and 45 minutes of freezing is all it takes to get the Chillsner ready for use.

Price: Is $22 too much to pay for eternally cold beers? Ask any guy, and he'll say "Heck no!" There's nothing worse than tepid beer, and the Chillsner makes sure that's a problem of the past.

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