If you love Segways but hate their handles, you’ll love this as it’s basically a Segway without the handle.

  • Very light
  • 15-mile battery range
  • Self-balancing

The CoolReall Smart Self Balancing Scooter differs from everything you’ve seen on the list. Its design resembles nothing of a skateboard: you’re riding on two large wheels instead of four smaller ones, and are faced forward and not sideways, as ‘classic’ skateboards would have you standing. Still, with quality materials put into it, and the end product being a board you can stand on and ride, it’s a viable option to have on the list. The board weighs approximately 29lbs and features two pressure-sensitive motors, one under each foot pad. Pressure needs to be balanced on both motors in order to move.

What the reviewers say:

  • “I was very skeptical about this but honestly I love this thing! I am in college and this rides around wonderful! Can scratch easily but It is what's described I've had tons of fun with this I highly recommend coolreal to anyone looking!”
  • “So far I'm really impressed by the quality, smoothness of operation, and ease of use.”
  • “It drives very smoothly. The battery lasts a long time and I don't have to keep recharging it often. Really recommend it.”
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