Cool Cotton Colorblock Relaxed Fit Boxer

Most Comfortable Tommy John Underwear

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Tommy John
Why people love it
  • Supreme comfort and breathability
  • Great support and ventilation for “the gentlemen”
  • Not too tight, but won’t bunch or roll up in your pants

These sleek underwear are designed with maximum comfort in mind! With their relaxed fit, super-soft and breathable fabric, and no-bunch design, you’ll love every minute you spend lounging around in these bad boys.

Not recommended for the gym or active activities.


Fit and Comfort: These underwear are Tommy John’s most comfortable offering, with their relaxed fit, lightweight cotton fabric, and excellent breathability. You get just enough ventilation to keep everything cool, and there’s great support thanks to the Contour Pouch built into the underwear. The pouch even makes everything look bigger!

The waistband won’t squeeze your skin, but it will keep the underwear comfortably in place all day long. When you’ve got to hit the bathroom, you’ll love that horizontal fly—what one user called the “watch pocket”. 

Fabric and Durability: The underwear are made with a blend of 86% Pima cotton and 14% Spandex. Cotton is the most comfortable and breathable material, yet offers excellent longevity as well. Spandex enhances the durability of the underwear and gives them just enough elasticity to keep them comfortable.

Fair warning: cotton underwear aren’t the most exercise-friendly. These won’t be your top pick for running or training, but you’re better off using them to lounge around the house in comfort and style.

Price: At $31, these are pretty well-priced for Tommy Johns, and you’ll find that they’re some of the most comfortable underwear (of any brand) you’ll ever own!

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