Why people love it

• A highly versatile pair of shoes for beginner cross trainers

• Comfortable, minimalist design; responsive feel

• Solid and durable, will last for months of hardcore use


Lacking cushioning and impact-reduction.


Performance: For those looking for a basic pair of cross training shoes without all the bells and whistles, you can't go wrong with Chucks. CrossFit and HIIT trainers recommend this shoe because of its sleek, lightweight design and slim sole. It's far more versatile than a pair of running shoes, but with a durability you'll find hard to beat.

The shoes have a beautifully stable sole, with excellent traction on concrete and gym mats. The fit is snug, and there are few shoes as stylish as a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Features: This is a minimalist shoe with very few features. The high-top design gives you better support for your ankles, with laces that enable you to lock your feet in place. The denim exterior isn't the most breathable, but it gives you good freedom of movement. Though not the most high-tech pair of shoes, it's a great option for anyone getting started.

Price: Expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $80 for these shoes, though you can often find them on sale in local department stores and malls. They're one of the most widely available shoes in the country, and are a highly stylish choice.


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