If you're going for a conservative job interview, it's time to step up your fashion game. Don't even think about navy or grey. Opt for a look that shows power and leadership with a nicely tailored black suit. 


Conservative job interviews aren't the time to flash bright socks or flaunt any trend beyond the classics. Stick to black - something like this J. Crew Crosby Suit Jacket with a double vet in Italian wool. The suit has a modern, tailored cut, with a sleek two-button closure.  But, it stays traditional when paired with a white (not off-white) shirt underneath. You can add a little flavor with a colored tie or cufflinks, but the best rule of thumb for this interview is to stick to the basics: Black and white. Also, don't skimp on the fit. Make sure the suit is tailored to your body and avoid the look of wearing something you just nabbed off the shelf. Complete the look with a dark colored tie that does not take much attention away from your face. (Red, blue, and black all work nicely here.)

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